«I am because we are»

We support schools and day care centers in townships in Cape Town, South Africa, in order to improve the infrastructure and help teachers and children in their everyday school life.

«I am because we are»

    "Ubuntu" is an African life philosophy translated as humanity towards others and brotherly love. Its fundamental premise is based on mutual respect and appreciation, human rights and the determination towards a harmonious and peaceful society; as well as "the belief in a universal bond of sharing, that connects humanity".

According to this principle one’s personality and society are closely linked.

            Feeding kids in townships

South Africa has announced the globally most radical lock down.
As well as any public life, schools and daycare centers are shut down and the families in the communities have to isolate themselves in mostly small houses. In an environment of high unemployment rates, the few income sources are cut off and basic food and health supply can’t be provided. Starvation, dramatic socio-economic consequences and the escalation of the generally critical situation are expected.

Verein Ubuntu is part of the international project togetherforcapetown.com. We are committed to provide at least 1.000.000 meals to hungry children in Cape Town until the end of 2020 and feed their hungry hearts.


Our help was never more important!

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